Transportation Software designed by Transportation Specialists

Specially built for:
Bulk Haulers (Dump Trucks)
Transportation Brokers
Small to medium Fleets
Equipment maintenance

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  • Mobility


    Enjoy the liberty to operate anywhere! With Gofastlane, we give you that freedom!

  • Dependability


    Our software has evolved and has been a battle proven success over the last ten years. You can count on the Gofastlane team to upgrade you for success!

  • Insight


    Gofastlane gives you the insight you need to make important decisions at a moments notice. Pre-planning for your loads has never been easier!

  • Profits


    Through our reporting functions you are able to see your profits in real time. After all, your profit is the bottom line!

What Our Customers Say!

  • We have been using Fast Track for 8 years and have just happily upgraded to the new VS version. Thank you Gofastlane!! – Selma Saenz – Tewasho Transport. McAllen, TX.

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