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Beach Combing & Birding $200, 6 HRS, 3 PPL

Great for photographers and nature enthusiast. Visit the beach, Arroyo Colorado River, or Laguna Madre with a private guide.

Kayak Trips $200, 6 HRS, 2 PPL

Launching from Adolph Thomae Jr County Park, in Rio Hondo, this trip is for fisherman or paddlers.

Surf Fishing $400, 6 HRS, 3 PPL

At South Padre Island, surf fishing is a fantastic beach experience all year round. The Gulf has a great variety of fish..

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Some Notes on the Tide

When I see fish and bait struggling for air or drying up on the sand, my instinct is to leave my camera idle by my side.  I take notes of the species, the state of decay, and then move it directly to the back of my mind.  I have seen more than my share of

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September Reds

Fall officially began this Wednesday at 3:21 am.   I have always thought that the date was important only, that fall would start maybe at midnight or something.  To find out, they have it figured to the minute and we had an “official” start time of 3:21 in the morning.  It comes with no holiday attached

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This past week I was like a kid waiting on Christmas.  I watched as this first decent cold front to hit us with all the anticipation that I had when I was little waiting for the morning when I got to open my presents.  The winds began to swing clockwise early in the week.   Winds

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Open Season

I am sure a few of you had less than a fun time getting in and out of the field for the dove opener along the coast. For those that did make it, the bird numbers this year are really fantastic. Every morning on my drive in, I have seen dove everywhere. White wing, morning,

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Fire Up the Grill!

Many times this summer I’ve tied hooks, twisted wire, and changed lines late into the night. I’ve made thousands of casts. I have driven, kayaked, and waded for miles and miles scanning from shore to horizon for signs of life; watching endlessly for nervous water, hovering birds, and the easy times when surface tensions are

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Late summer brings beautiful colors to Deep South Texas

As the sun takes a course lower and lower on the horizon, warm and hot colors come to the forefront. Sunrises have been brilliant displays of deep reds and oranges and the heat of the midday sun comes with an amber hue giving hints of fall being just around the corner. Follow the sunsets right

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Calendar of Species

Enjoy one of the most sought after fishing spots in the US alongside David "Sharkman" Woods.