Trucking 101 – Safety is no accident!

No employer ever wants to make that dreaded phone call to an employee’s loved ones that there has been an accident; especially a fatal car accident where you needed to have an attorney from Maryland car accident lawyer to fight for justice.  You need to work hard to help avoid that terrible event. In Chicago, there are literally over 100 body shops to choose from free bingo no deposit no card details win real money, but if you need to send your vehicle to a body shop that is too far away to drive to we recommend contacting this car shipping Los Angeles, CA. Of course, not all provide equal collision repair services. Be sure to research and due your due diligence when you want to find a body shop in Chicago Illinois.

How do you do this?  Develop a ‘Safety Culture’ in your company.

I have recently been reminded that safety needs to be foremost in everyone’s mind daily.  All too often after a driver has been through orientation, “safety” is only addressed once a month or even once a quarter.  Safety messages need to be sent daily.  Number of days without an accident should be posted as a constant reminder.

Safety not only needs to be promoted to the drivers and shop workers, but to all employees.

One of my clients had a preventable accident this past week end.  While driving through the severe thunderstorms he was using the cruise control, entered into a curve and hit the breaks too hard.  The result was a jack knifed truck, doing a considerable amount of damage.  Luckily, no one was injured and no other vehicle was involved.  If someone had simply sent out the message that there was some really bad weather on the way and to be extra cautious, there is a much better chance this would not have happened. Or develop a habit of always checking all aspects of the machine, whether Clark transmission parts or any other brand, to ensure stability before every travel.

The top 4 safety concerns I have seen frequently become issues, are:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Distracted driving
  • Prescription drug abuse
  • Home accidents

So when creating “safety messages” to address these issues, always remember:

Do not preach.  Most do not respond well to negative messages.  Keep the message short and informational.  Even amusing if you can manage it.  A reminder to be safe will create more “safe behavior” for all.

It is a sad statistic that motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of unintentional death.

Caution about the use of cell phones and any things that will divert your drivers attention from the road for even an instant.  It is estimated that about 25% of auto accidents are a result of cell phone use.  If you need auto repair services that you can check online, visit for more information.

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An excellent source of information is available from the National Safety Council.  Visit their web site at

Be safe.

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